Mirage Hand-knotted Rug
Mirage Hand-knotted Rug
Mirage Hand-knotted Rug
Mirage Hand-knotted Rug

Mirage Hand-knotted Rug

Regular price Rs. 160,000.00

Mirage is a stunningly elegant timeless piece in gorgeous muted colours that can match any interiors. It's a modern spin on the Antique Serapi design. Handknotted inch by inch in New Zealand Wool & Bamboo Silk and further hand-embossed adding another dimension to this carpet. 

Handknotted's are the finest quality of rugs. The design is intricately made by highly skilled artisans, who spend months weaving it inch by inch, knot by knot, using yarns of the finest grade. 

8' x 10' / 96" x 120" / 244cm x 305cm

Bamboo Silk
Handspun New Zealand Wool 

Anti Skid Rug
Pile Height: 7-8mm
Hand Embossed

The colours of the product may slightly vary across different screens.


We design & custom make rugs. This piece can be customized to any size & shape. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us for colour changes or a whole new design idea. Call us on +91 9654046033 or e-mail us at info@kaati.in 
Free home delivery across India within 8-10 days 
Free home trials for Delhi/NCR
Your rug is made to last generations with minimal care and maintenance. Vacuum weekly in a lower power mode. Cut loose threads with a scissor, do not pull them. This rug is hand washable, please refer to our rug guide for detailed information.
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